C1 Electric Scooter
  Sep 06, 2023      

C1 Electric Scooter "Evee Electric"

The C1 electric scooter was presented for the local market earlier this month by the Pakistani startup company "Evee Electric," which generated a lot of excitement among the audience. The business has now revealed that C1 will be less expensive than a Honda CG 125.

Similar to a traditional scooter, the new two-wheeler has a short wheelbase and a flat floorboard for simple mounting and dismounting. According to the information given, C1 will be perfect for quick city excursions.

The scooter's 60V 20Ah Lead Dry Acid Battery, according to the manufacturer, has a range of up to 60 kilometers. Other qualities and traits include:

  • Motor: 1200W
  • 550 charging cycles or more
  • 55 km/hr maximum speed
  • 50 to 60 kilometers
  • A security alarm
  • Reverse Gear
  • Magnetic Hub Coil
  • Time to charge: 6 to 7 hours
  • Vector controller for 12 tubes
  • Brake disk
  • Colorimeter Display
  • 150KG of load capacity

According to early sources, the all-electric scooter should cost about Rs. 300,000. However, the new scooter was unexpectedly affordably priced by the firm at just Rs. 175,000, making it more affordable than a number of commuter bikes.

The C1 appears like an alluring deal that might challenge its petrol-powered rivals in terms of features and pricing.