It’s time to say bye to Suzuki swift
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  


In 2010, Pak Suzuki launched a first-generation, Suzuki Swift, in Pakistan. Two variants are available of this car DLX navigation manual and automatic. It is a compact car or you can say a subcompact car with a front engine and front wheel. Five-star ANCAP rated car for 2011-2016 model in respect of safety purpose. But USC gave it a two-star for safety that means it is a less safe car. But the second--generation Suzuki swift is safe more than the first-generation car. This car was present internationally since 2004. In Pakistan, it is rated at rupees 1995000 that is get on-road price and only 2nd and 1st generation is available while in other countries Suzuki swift has fourth-generation there.



Discontinuation of Suzuki swift model YN3 from Pakistan:


Pak Suzuki company has decided that from next year Suzuki swift will no longer part of the automobiles collection of Pak Suzuki. This means that they are going to discontinue this model. In doing so following steps are taken so all businesses got to know and avoid its stock availability at suppliers.

  1. Production and supply:

There will be a balance between production and supply to keep in accordance with customer demand and supply.

  1. Last order of imported materials:

To pipeline the stock at PSMC, the last order from the suppliers for imported materials should be done. 

  1. Last order for local materials:

Those suppliers who are using local materials are also advised to follow the orders.

It is also informed that any claim for the faulty products will not be entertained because the unamortized tooling cost is already been paid off all “in supply parts”. 

Pak Suzuki company also requested to their all business partners that they should pay attention to effective production and quality of Suzuki swift for last orders. And also supply spare parts with safe and sound tooling. Follow the basic purchase agreement as they were doing for all previously discontinued models. 


Reason for moving Suzuki swift away or discontinuing it:

For the last 4 decades, Pak Suzuki motors company is part of the Pakistan automobile market. The government of Pakistan in the year 1982, made a venture with Suzuki motors Japan and the company was created. Under this joint venture, SS80 and FX were formed. The company created or launched many cheap cars that were easily affordable by local buyers. The company got success in Pakistan. Mehran launched by this company remained in Pakistan for thirty years. And many other cars were manufactured afterward. The company got much profit in Pakistan due to high sales and customer demand despite doing any advancement in technology of manufactured cars.



Due to COVID-19 and lockdown, Pak Suzuki motor had a loss in terms of sales and production. Rates of cars were also increased due to low sales and reduction in yearly profit but no amendments were made in the cars. People avoided buying vehicles of Suzuki motors because of the same technology but at high rates. The production also got low and affected by the high cost of imported parts.




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