Punjab government introduce new number plate
  Aug 28, 2023     talha seo  

Number plates of vehicles are themselves a pack with information about the vehicle, owner and can be tracked. These are given to every vehicle representing the city, province, model of the car, etc. it consists of a unique number that contains alphabets and numbers. Every vehicle has a different license plate number.

It is on air that the Punjab government is introducing universal number plates for all the cars which are registered in Punjab.  This means the serial number given to each registered car in Punjab will be the same in order to maintain law and order effectively.



It has been announced by the strategic reforms unit (SRU) of the Punjab government in Lahore that new license plates are being introduced in Punjab province. This includes several specific features as follows:

  • Selected pictures and names of the owners of the vehicle will be on the vehicle number plate.
  • In doing so, the vehicle owners should take part in the bidding process. Only after that, the name will go to the higher bidder.
  • This is going to be costly as well. This means the bidding for getting a name on the number plate will cost rupees five million and it is starting rate.
  • To avoid any kind of dissemination religious and political terms are not allowed to be placed on vehicle number plates.
  • The department said that the number plates with LEA, RN, BW, and MA serials will be taken off and these plates will only have the feature of “Punjab” on them.
  • Some physical amendments in the number plates are also done the size of these plates is increased as well as the font size of the texts so these can be recognized easily.
  • In order to make number plates look more national and adorable, some popular figures of Pakistan for example Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal are also added to them. National monuments and places will adorn the number plates too.
  • Old number plates consisted the letters showing the related district. New number plates will only have the province names that engraved or carved next to the number.
  • It is according to media reports that these new license plates are readable by all the cameras installed by the Punjab city authority. As Punjab was already equipped with readable number plates. The update is done only on the plates.

The strategic reform unit’s DG named Salman Sufi explained that it is not only the individual who has to acquire a customized number plate but also mandatory for the organization to have this kind of license plate.


Registration Fee for Online App:

It is revealed by the government that an online auction of number plates is going to occur and for this purpose, an E-auction application is introduced. With this application, customers can participate in an online auction for number plates. Registration fee is charged for this auction that is RS 5000 for car, RS 500 for bike, and RS 1000 for all commercial vehicles.



Steps for Registration in App and getting the License Plate Number:




It includes the following steps:


  1. Visiting the excise department website or download the E-auction APP.
  2. When the app is downloaded, enter the registration within three days.
  3. Now choose your preferable number. Many vehicle owners are so concerned about their license plate number.
  4. Let’s take part in E-auction.
  5. It is strictly ordered to take part in an auction within three days of registration.


The first auction will be held on 30th august 2020 by the department as per reports.

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