Pak Suzuki Motors Revised the Prices of Vehicles from 1st January
  Aug 28, 2023      

This year, almost every automobile company has raised the prices of its cars due to money devaluation. But Pak Suzuki motors again hiked the retails of cars. It seems this company is more affected by an increase in dollar rates or perhaps annual profit is not enough to cover up the loss that the company faced due to the low amount of sales. On 6th September 2020, it is announced that all the vehicles of Pak Suzuki motors are going to be sold at newly increased rates. Models of cars are listed with their new prices. And customers from a specific date will get their vehicle at new rates. The retail is raised from 45,000 to 90,000 rupees according to media. The effective date of new prices is expected from 1st January 2021.

In speaking of past years Pak Suzuki motors increased the prices of cars by five times in 2019. They also hiked the prices of cars. Despite the reduction in sales of their brand-new car's company continuously increasing the prices. A significant increase is done at the price of the new alto VX.

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The list of some cars with their increased rates is as follows:

Alto VXR:

The new price is 1398000 rupees and the addition of RS 90000 is done in it.

Alto VXL:

RS 1598000 is the new price which is increased by 80000 rupees.

Wagon R VXR:

Rs 60000 is summed up in it and the new retail is Rs 1605000.

Wagon R VXL:

The new price is 1695000 rupees. Increased by RS 70000.

Swift DLXM/T:

RS 1995000 which is hiked the price by adding 90000 rupees in it.

Swift DLX A/T:

RS 2955000 is the new price after the addition of RS 90000.


The new price is RS 3990000 after the addition of RS 90000 in it.

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Reason for Low Sales and Hiking the Prices of Cars:

As we know the company brought out the Alto model in the market as a replacement for Mehran which was continued to be the sale for the last thirty years. It also becomes a reason for reduced sales of cars of Pak Suzuki motors. Because after Mehran sales become low by 30percent in the first five months of 2019-2020. This also becomes a reason for low sales. Money devaluation, or depreciation of the Pakistani rupee, pandemic COVID-19, lockdown, increased rates of cars added in decreasing the sales of an automobile of Pak Suzuki motors. So, due to all these factors, the company could not get It’s enough yearly profit as it was making for the past few years. So, they thought increasing in retails of cars would be effective in providing them profit to cover up all loss.

This article is discussed increasing in the prices of cars by Pak Suzuki motors. All the hiked rates of listed cars are mentioned above.

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