Toyota Reveals its 1000hp Hyper Car the GR Super Sport
  Aug 28, 2023      


Toyota released its new version of the car the GR supersport. It is released by Toyota for the first time before the start of the 88th hours of the Le Man's race at the Circuit de la Sarthe. Toyota won for the third time and maintained a hat trick of victory in endurance race which is very famous and worth winning.

The Japanese automaker announced in 2018 that GR Supersport is going to be developed. It served as a Toyota Halo performance model which was placed above the existing GR Supra and based on the TS050 Hybrid LMP1 race car.

For the world's championship in the 2020 and 2021 season, new hypercar regulations are going to be introduced for the world's endurance championship. Therefore at least twenty units should be developed by Toyota to get in the spotlight but this will cost a million dollars.



has 2.4-liter twin-turbo v6 engine and it is coupled with Toyota hybrid system racing (THS-R) which also consists of TS050 hybrid. Due to which the total output is combined and delivers around 1000hp. 


The unit that was developed got wrapped in camouflage livery and was driven around La Sarthe by Alex Wurz who is the former Toyota driver for racing performed the demonstration lap. The test unit was exhibited as a convertible. It is a prototype car.

Being customized as a convertible, the prototype GR Supra has a prominent roof scoop and a large rear wing with an aggressive and stylish low-mounted front splitter. Due to performance and technology, Toyota has described this GR SuperSport as a "hypercar which is a race car according to its technology, performance, and pedigree.

Wurz expressed his feeling about the car after taking the drive. He said that it was an honor for him to drive this car at the circuit like la man which is connected to this car very much. It felt like a homecoming. He confirmed all the features of this car as described by the company. Alikeness to the hybrid TS050, amazing performance of the four-wheel system.

Further features of the car are not revealed yet. Acceleration by this engine described above can be produced as 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds and 0-124 mph in less than seven seconds.


In this article, a discussion is about the new 1000-hp hypercar, which is unleashed at Le Mans and driven by Alex Wurz, the famous racing driver. Specifications are not revealed completely yet, but it is confirmed that this GR will bring fire to the market of sports cars. It contains the hybrid system coupled with it and it has amazing performance.