2023 Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan
  Oct 14, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

2023 Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan:

Suzuki has been a trusted title for ages in the enthusiastic scene of the Pakistani bike promotes known for its strong and fuel-efficient bikes. Among its amazing lineup, the Suzuki 110 series has risen as a well-known choice for frequent traveller looking for a reasonable and efficient mode of transportation. As we are in the year 2023, let's investigate the Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan, the highlights that make it a standout choice, and what riders can anticipate from this traveller champ within the current market.


The Suzuki 110 Series:

Suzuki's 110 series speaks to a line of commuter bikes planned to cater to the ordinary transportation needs of Pakistani riders. These series are celebrated for their straightforward however successful plan, impressive fuel efficiency, and reasonable cost labels. Whether you are a srudent, a proficient or everyday commuter, the Suzuki 110 arrangement offers a compelling bundle.

Suzuki GD 110:

One of the key players within the Suzuki 110 arrangement is the Suzuki GD 110. This bike has earned notoriety for its constancy and prudent operation. Let's take a closer see at the Suzuki GD 110 and what it brings to the table in 2023.

Key Highlights of the Suzuki GD 110:

Fuel Productivity:

One of the standout highlights of the Suzuki GD 110 is its extraordinary fuel proficiency. With rising fuel prices, this bike gives a cost-effective arrangement for every day commuting, guaranteeing that your hard-earned cash goes encourage.

Tough Construct:

The GD 110 gloats a strong and tough build, capable of taking care of the challenges of Pakistani streets. Whether you're exploring city roads or wandering into provincial ranges, this cruiser is outlined to persevere.

Comfortable Seating:

The Suzuki GD 110 offers a comfortable and ergonomic seating position, making long rides less tiring. The well-padded situate guarantees that riders can appreciate a smooth and comfortable travel.

Noteworthy Mileage:

Much appreciated to its productive motor, the Suzuki GD 110 can convey an amazing mileage, permitting riders to travel more kilometers with less fuel utilization.

Smooth Execution:

The motor of the GD 110 is planned for smooth and dependable execution. It gives sufficient power for day by day commuting whereas keeping up a charming riding encounter.

Reasonable Support:

Suzuki bikes are known for their ease of upkeep and the accessibility of save parts, making it helpful for riders to keep their bicycles in beat condition without breaking the bank.

Classic Plan:

The GD 110 highlights a immortal and classic plan that requests to a wide extend of riders. Its clean lines and uncluttered aesthetics make it an in vogue choice for those who appreciate straightforwardness.

Price of Suzuki GD 110, 2023 in Pakistan

Let's jump straight to the long-awaited topic: Suzuki GD 110 is expected to launch in Pakistan in 2023. The price of a bike may vary depending on factors such as range, trim level and any accents or decorations any supplement.

At the time I last updated the information in September 2023, the base model of the Suzuki GD 110 was priced around PKR 352,000. However, prices can change over time due to a number of variables, such as changes in production costs, inflation and market circumstances.

Suzuki 110 Specifications

  • Engine:

110 cc, 4 stroke, air cooled, single cylinder

  • Power:

8.2 kW at 8000 rpm

  • Couple:

9.0 Nm at 6,500 rpm

  • Transmission process:

4-speed constant mesh

  • Enntrance gate:

Electricity and Kickstarter

  • Petrol tank capacity:

12 liters

  • Dimensions (LxWxH):

2005mm x 740mm x 1080mm

  • The standard long:


  • Clearance:


  • Seat height:


  • Dry weight:


  • Tire:

2.75-18 (front), 3.00-18 (rear)

  • Suspended:

Telescopic fork (front), swing arm (rear)

  • Brakes:

Disc (front), Drum (rear)

These statistics provide an in-depth look at the Suzuki 110, including information about the engine, power, transmission; dimensions, weight and several other important items. These statistics give an in-depth review of the Suzuki 110, including information on the engine, power output, gearbox, size, weight, and several other important elements.

Pros and Cons of the Suzuki 110


  • Excellent value for the money.
  • 110cc engine that uses less petrol.
  • Seats that are comfortable and a suspension system that works nicely.
  • Attractive layout with several color choices.
  • The majority of spots have widespread access to service centers and spare parts


  • Limited power output renders it unsuitable for long-distance touring or highway driving.
  • Lack of cutting-edge equipment like disc brakes or a computerized instrument panel.
  • Due to its modest dimensions, it might not be the greatest choice for taller or heavier riders.
  • Complaints about dependability from certain users.
  • Limited accessibility in some locations.

The current Suzuki 110 price: A market analysis

 It is important to take into consideration the motorbike market's fluidity in order to provide you an up-to-date perspective on the Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan right now. Numerous variables, such as variations in manufacturing costs, exchange rates, and market demand, can have an impact on prices. Here are some actions to do in order to get the most precise and recent price information:

Contact from an authorized dealer:

For the most recent prices on the Suzuki GD 110 and Suzuki 110, get in touch with the licensed Suzuki dealers in the area. Dealers can generally provide you a complete estimate and price information.

Visit the company's website:

Visit Suzuki Pakistan's official website to learn more about the price tag of their whole lineup of motorcycles in detail. On a regular basis, manufacturers update their websites with the most recent pricing data.

Notice of accommodations:

Keep an eye out for any announcements from Suzuki or other motorcycle manufacturers on price adjustments, promotions, or special offers in the news and periodicals related to the automotive industry.

Compare options:

If you're thinking about buying a Suzuki 110, spend some time comparing the Suzuki's features, pricing, and specs to those of other bikes in its class. This will enable you to decide what to buy depending on your requirements as well as your budget.


Pakistani bikers will still find the Suzuki 110 series, including the GD 110 and 110s, to be a reliable and affordable option. These models are ideal for frequent transportation because they offer an exceptional combination of price, fuel economy and durability. It is essential to carefully analyze your budget, requirements and riding preferences before buying a bike. You can drive with confidence on Pakistani roads thanks to Suzuki's commitment to quality and workmanship.

Pakistani riders have solid and affordable alternatives with the Suzuki GD 110 and 110. Riders can choose Suzuki vehicles wisely and enjoy an efficient and comfortable ride by considering aspects such as fuel efficiency, durability and cost.

Arifa Hussain