How To Get A Car On Easy Installments In Pakistan?
  Nov 02, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

How to Get a Car on Easy Installments in Pakistan

Can you envision a life without cars these days? From day to day travelling to longer voyages, cars have ended up a need in our lives. Each family, whether advantaged or underprivileged, requests the services of these vehicles to move from one put to another. In any case, whereas the wealthy can manage a few cars at a time, middle-class families and lower have a intense time sparing up for indeed one. Does that mean they spend years of their life without travelling? No. A few budget choices are accessible in Pakistan that allow you to purchase a car in simple installments.

1. Pak Suzuki Car Financing Program

Suzuki Car Leasing stands as a premier company in Pakistan. Its beginning took put in September 1982, resulting from a collaboration between the Government of Pakistan and Suzuki Motor Japan.

This formal partnership set the organization together that had already given rise to the Suzuki SS80 since 1982. Suzuki Leasing, expanding its services, offers you the opportunity to secure both brand-new and pre-owned cars through helpful installment plans, making car proprietorship an accessible reality.

Product Offerings

In general, Suzuki Car Leasing gives three essential sorts of rental items, which include:

  • Automobiles
  • Bikes
  • Outboard engines

In any case, for our discussion here, we'll focus on the category of Automobiles.

Suzuki Car Leasing presents a diverse run of car models, including the ever-popular Alto, Swift, and WagonR. You have got the flexibility to buy these vehicles either with a full forthright installment or through organized installment plans.

They cater to both brand-new and pre-owned vehicles, guaranteeing you have got a wide range of alternatives to select from when making your car buy.

2.Pak Gulf Leasing Company

Pak Gulf Leasing Company offers a user-friendly and adaptable Auto Finance Arrangement to assist you turn your dream of car possession into a reality. This financing choice engages you to secure financing for up to 90% of the full esteem of your chosen vehicle.

Key Features

This opportunity is available for high-value vehicles, those estimated over Rs. 7.5 Million.

Appreciate a comfortable repayment period that can extend up to 5 a long time, giving you monetary flexibility.

Whether you're looking at a brand-new car or a pre-owned one, whether it's an imported vehicle or locally made, you've got the flexibility to select from the dealer of your preference.

Your vehicle investment is shielded through insurance from a top-rated 'AA' insurance company, and a Tracker Office is introduced all through the whole financing period to improve security.


Getting to the Vehicle Finance Solution is straightforward. You'll visit either our Karachi main office or our Lahore department. Also, for assist help, you'll contact us through the given registered landline numbers and email addresses

3. HBL Car Loan

HBL offers a versatile and accommodating financing office to help you own your dream car, covering up to 85% of the vehicle's esteem. Key highlights include:

  • Financing accessible for vehicles extending from PKR 200,000 to PKR 3,000,000
  • Repayment period of up to seven a long time
  • The choice between new or used cars
  • Up to 85% financing for your wanted car
  • Secured protections with a tracker facility
  • Distinctive fractional installment workplaces for your convenience
  • A network of over 150 qualified dealers, offering a wide variety of brands and models
  • Accessible application through over 1600 branches and 24/7 back by implies of HBL Phone Banking

4. Carwan Reliable Cars Installment Plan

Carwan offers hassle-free money related openings for getting your dream car without the require for a significant candid installment. They cater to both new and used cars with a expand of auto financing options.

5. Bank Al Habib Roshan Apni Car

Bank Al Habib directly gives the Roshan ApniCar (Auto Fund) office to individuals with a Roshan Digital Account at Bank AL Habib Limited, allowing them to purchase a vehicle for their life accomplice, gatekeepers, children, or kin residing in Pakistan. Key eligibility criteria consolidate:

  • Financing for brand new locally gathered vehicles
  • Least working involvement requirements for different business types
  • Least net month to month pay criteria
  • Least down installment of 15-45%, depending on the vehicle's variation
  • Clear credit history
  • Vehicle enlistment within the borrower's title or co-borrower's title
  • Disbursal and month to month installments from Roshan Digital PKR Account
  • Lien-based facility with comparing requirements

6. MCB Car4U

MCB Car4U offers competitive financing arrangements to help you claim the car of your dreams at competitive markup and protections rates. You'll be able apply for an MCB Car4U advance in case you have got got compensation from various sources, such as business, self-employment, remote settlements, and more. Key highlights incorporate:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Financing tenors of up to 7 years
  • The choice to fund new, used, local, and imported cars
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • The elective to back a moment or third car
  • Prepayment and office repayment options

7. Faysal Bank Installment Plan

Faysal Bank collaborates with high-end outlets to offer a 0% installment plan for a wide extend of things, allowing you to pay your month to month installments without any markup. The installment arrange alternatives move with tenures of 3, 6, 12, and 18 months, with a preparing charge of PKR 600 for each arrange booked.

8. UBL Drive

UBL Drive gives car financing arrangements with fast handling and insignificant documentation. Key highlights include:

  • Least down installment of 15% for vehicles up to 1000 CC and 30% for vehicles over 1000 CC
  • Choices for settled or variable interest rates
  • Zero charges on the Car Replacement Program
  • Versatile financing residency of 1-7 a long time for all new and used (nearby) vehicles up to 1000 CC and 1-5 a long time for vehicles over 1000 CC.


These choices make it less complex for middle-class and lower-income families to obtain their have cars and enjoy the comfort of personal transportation without having to spare for a long time. Investigate these car financing programs and select the one that best suits your needs and budget. Whether you're dreaming of a brand-new vehicle or a solid utilized car, there's an installment arrange designed to put you inside the driver's situate. So, why wait? Make your car ownership dreams a reality nowadays!


Arifa Hussain