The 2024 Atlas Honda CD 70 and CG 125 Bikes
  Nov 03, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

The 2024 Atlas Honda CD 70 and CG 125 Bikes

Honda, a well-known brand in the motorcycle sector, has revealed their 2024 collections in Pakistan, which include the popular Honda CG 125 and CD 70 models. Let's review these motorcycles' features and prices in the Pakistani market.

Honda CD 70: A Time-Tested Favorite

In the two-wheeler world, the Honda CD 70 is a reliable and timeless classic. This bike's appeal hasn't diminished over time, despite a few design modifications. The CD 70 keeps its distinguishing characteristics in 2024 and is still an iconic look on Pakistani streets.

Honda CD 70 2024 Model

Although the Honda CD 70 2024 model delivers dependable and tried-and-true packaging, the CD 70's basic design stays true to its legacy. Riders can rely on its outstanding durability, consistent engine performance, and ease of maintenance due to its ongoing popularity. Having access to spare parts is another big benefit for owners of CD 70s.

Exploring Colors: Honda CD 70 Color

The Honda CD 70 for 2024 is available in a range of shades to accommodate diverse tastes. The CD 70 comes in two colors: the traditional Red and Black and a striking Blue. Online, Honda lovers can look at images of this blue version to choose whether it suits their style.

Honda CG 125: A Powerful Choice

The Honda CG 125 is a popular alternative for individuals looking for a more powerful option. With its 124cc engine, the CG 125 provides a strong performance, making it a great partner for extended trips as well as everyday travel. The CG 125 is still a competitive model in 2024.

Honda CG 125 2024 Model

The Honda CG 125 model for 2024 is still an effective and powerful bike. Its powerful engine, which offers enough power for a variety of riding reasons, including city cruising and off-road trips, is responsible for its lasting appeal.

Current Prices: Honda Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Here is some of the most current information on these Honda bikes' prices in Pakistan for 2024:

Honda CD 70: Rs.157, 900.

Honda CD 70 Dream: Rs. 168,900.

Honda CG 125: Rs. 23,900.

In order to ensure that potential customers are well-informed, these figures represent the expense of owning these motorcycles.

Honda CD 70 Dream: Another Dream Come True

For those who are looking for a combination of performance and flair, the Honda CD 70 Dream is a tempting choice. With the outstanding riding experience that this 2024 model provides, owning a dependable and stylish motorbike will finally be a reality.

Pricing the Dream: Honda CD 70 Dream 2024 Price in Pakistan

The 2024 model of the Honda CD 70 Dream is available at a reasonable price if you're interested in buying it. For motorcycle riders in Pakistan, this bike provides an economical, beautiful design, and a fun riding experience.


In conclusion, Pakistani motorcycle riders still have dependable and iconic options among Honda's 2024 bike models. Honda continues to be a major player in the Pakistani bike industry by offering a wide range of alternatives at affordable prices that suit a range of riding demands and tastes.

Arifa Hussain