Is Suzuki finally launching Every in Pakistan this year?
  Nov 04, 2023     talha seo  



The Suzuki Every has been eagerly anticipated in the Pakistani automotive market for quite some time now. Over the past few years, there have been numerous reports and rumors circulating about its potential launch. The first mention news of the Suzuki Every's arrival and the possibility of the Suzuki Bolan being discontinued came in August 2021.

This development was triggered by a directive from the Lahore High Court (LHC) to the Engineering Development Board (EDB) to ensure that all car manufacturers in the country assemble vehicles equipped with airbags to comply with WP-29 safety regulations. Initially, the EDB set a deadline of 2021 for the implementation of these safety regulations, which was later extended to 2023.


Suzuki Every: replacement of Bolan?

Speculation began to grow in the market regarding the replacement of the Suzuki Bolan due to its lack of airbags, with the Suzuki Every being considered as its potential successor. However, the target time for compliance was further extended, this time to mid-2024. We had previously reported that Suzuki Pakistan was preparing to launch the Every to meet WP-29 requirements. But now, there is a possibility that Every might make its debut before mid-2024, and this information stems from insights gained at PAPS 2023.


Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS 2023)

At the recent Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS 2023), a team from Mywheels.pk  explored various company stalls and outlets related to the automotive sector. Among their visits, they stopped by the booth of a manufacturer of key automotive components for various car manufacturers in Pakistan.


During their talk, the company's representative discussed their advanced technology for producing car parts, including dashboards and door panels. In a surprising revelation, the company representative mentioned, "The next project is Suzuki Every, which is coming very soon and may be in (November 2023)." However, he also added that the project is still in the growing phase.


Insights on the Engine

Regarding the engine specifications for the upcoming Every, the official disclosed that the vehicle would be equipped with a 660cc engine.This content is the most recent update on Suzuki's new car, and there is hope that it will be released this year, potentially putting an end to the decades-old Suzuki Bolan.

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