Electric Bus Route in Karachi Is Interrupted by Charging Issues
  Nov 04, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

Electric Bus Route in Karachi Is Interrupted by Charging Issues

A national daily recently reported that two of the three electric bus service lines in Karachi have been temporarily closed, causing major inconveniences for commuters. The persistent problems with the electric bus service have caused customers to express worry.

The Managing Director of SMTA provided clarification.

But Kamal Hakeem, the Managing Director of the Mass Transit Authority (SMTA), presented another viewpoint, claiming that just one of the lines had been closed as a result of billing issues. Hakeem insisted that although route 3's electric bus service is still impacted, routes No. 1 and 2 are carrying on with business as usual. He underlined that the electric buses' inadequate charging was the main problem.

Attempts to Fix Charging Problems

Reacting to the continuous disturbance, the concerned authorities have started working to resolve the charge issues. At the Mehran Depot, a new charging station has been erected to make this easier. To improve the charging infrastructure even further, a request for a new connection and Power Management Technology (PMT) has been made.

Timelines and Future Plans

The Managing Director of SMTA, Kamal Hakeem, further disclosed that K-Electric's help is anticipated to hasten PMT installation within a fortnight. The electric bus service on route 3 will resume regular operations once the vehicles are completely charged at Mehran Depot, relieving travelers.

Issues with Charging Infrastructure Compatibility

It is essential to remember that there are compatibility problems between the new electric buses and the current infrastructure for charging. To guarantee smooth operations going forward, SMTA is presently installing appropriate charges.

A Examining Look at the Power Adapters

Two charging stations, one in Malir Cantt and the other in Bahria Town, have been set up since the initiative's January inception to service a fleet of forty buses. Although the Bahria Town station has been operating efficiently, the Malir station has consistently posed difficulties for the authorities, which has led to the suspension of the electric bus service. In order to give passengers a more dependable and seamless trip, efforts are continuously being made to address these problems.

Arifa Hussain