Toyota Questions Viability of EV's in Australia
  Nov 04, 2023     talha seo  


Toyota has once again expressed doubts about electric vehicles (EV's) in Australia. The carmaker thinks EV's aren't quite ready for Australian roads, and they question how green they really are. Toyota says they remain "impractical for most Australians." This viewpoint has sparked a lively debate in Australia's car industry.


Toyota's Bold Opinion Gets Strong Reactions

Toyota's thoughts on this matter have made a lot of electric car brands and industry groups skeptical. They see Toyota's critique as a "cynical" attack by a company they think is "too slow to adapt." These critics argue that Toyota might fall behind in the race to the future of the car industry.


EV Market Growing Despite Toyota's Concerns

Even though Toyota has doubts, the electric vehicle market in Australia is growing fast, with sales more than doubling. There are also new laws on the way that will make more EV's available.


Toyota's Suggestion: Hybrid Cars

Sean Hanley, the vice president of sales at Toyota Australia, made these comments during the Japan Mobility show. He suggested that hybrid cars might be a "better fit" for Australians and could be better for the environment.


Tesla's Quick Response to Toyota

But, Tesla didn't waste any time. Rohan Patel, Tesla's vice president of public policy, responded fast. He pointed out that many Australians are using renewable energy, like solar power, to charge their EV's. Australia got 32% of its electricity from renewable sources last year, mainly from the sun, wind, and hydro-power.


Local Industry and Economy Effects

Behyad Jafari, the chief executive of the Electric Vehicle Council, said Toyota's comments could hurt a growing local industry. Australia produced more lithium, which is a vital part of EV batteries, than any other country in 2022. Jafari thinks Toyota's stance doesn't help Australian consumers or the country's economy.


Changing Market

Toyota is still the top-selling car brand in Australia, but its market share is getting smaller as more people buy electric cars. Tesla, a big electric car company, has seen its sales go up a lot. The president of the Electric Vehicle Association, Chris Jones, said that more electric car models that are affordable and good for the environment are coming, and this is why electric cars are becoming more popular. Jones also said that, in many cases, the cost difference between a hybrid car and a fully electric one isn't that big, making EV's a smart financial choice in the long run.


Electric Cars Gaining Popularity in Australia

Although there may be some situations where electric cars aren't perfect, most industry experts believe electric cars currently satisfy the needs of the majority of Australians and are an excellent choice. The argument created by Toyota's comments demonstrates how Australia's car market is changing as electric vehicles gained popularity.

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