Is United Gearing up to Introduce Chery?
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

Chery is the city car produced by china automobile makers. The new generation of Chery was launched in 2013 in the Guangzhou auto show.

United motors collaborated with Chery Automobiles Company of china to introduce Chery cars in Pakistan. United company is famous for its 880cc Bravo hatchback. Now to launch another car it communicated witCh a china automobile company. According to arbitrary news, this car Chery is likely to be a 1.0-liter new QQ hatchback initially. The introduction of more models of this car is dependent on its success. If the sales and market value will bring profit, it is expected to see new models of Chery.

United motors have launched its 880cc Bravo hatchback in September 2018. But it did not touch the success and was not able to do good as it was anticipated. It is not known that after the launch of the Chery, the company will continue to produce 880cc Bravo or stop offering this car. It is not revealed yet.

Sources have revealed that there has been some discontent between the United Company and the parent company the Dahe in china. This is because of the low quality of cars. The United Company is only delivering the units which are based on inventory parts that already exist in stores. United is searching for new vendors to replace with old ones for the betterment of the company and to carry out its four-wheeler operation.

United company also declared to introduce Panjnad pickup in Pakistan but two years are passed but there is no sign of fulfilling the commitment. So, it is still doubtful whether the company will pull the plug off the Bravo, because the company officials declined to comment. It is also being said by the company that the replacement car might as well continue to be called Bravo and will act as a new model of the existing hatchback. Unites Bravo's speed is 0-100km/h in 42.5 seconds and its price is also increased by PKR 2.4 lacs. United has introduced new features in 880cc Bravo and installed new advancements in it with hiking the price as well.

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The Chery car will be imported by the United Company of automobiles as CBU and will be assembled in Pakistan or locally. This assembly of the car will be done in later stages. Information about the imports and assembling is from the sources as well.


In this article, the discussion about new Cheery is done. It is going to be introduced in Pakistan with the communication of united motors and china automobile company. Chery is a city car in china and its new version is also launched in China. Importing from China and assembly of parts of this car will be done locally in Pakistan. It is to be noticed that united already committed to launching the panjnad pick-up but has not done this yet. So, about the Chery, it is yet not confirmed but most expected to be introduced. 

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