Prince Pearl Is Now Paying the Same Amount in 12-Month Installments
  Nov 07, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

Prince Pearl Is Now Paying the Same Amount in 12-Month Installments

The Pakistani automobile sector is facing challenging times due to a decline in sales and ongoing production challenges. In response to the need for increased interest and accessibility, domestic automakers have started a series of innovative programs, including payment methods and prices.

Regal Auto's Innovative Strategy

Regal Automobiles has followed suit and unveiled an unprecedented 12-month payment plan for Prince Pearl and K01 models, signifying a drive toward greater financial flexibility for potential customers.

A statement issued by Regal Cars

Regal Automobiles' official statement reads as follows: "Our installment program has been carefully designed to make our vehicles more accessible to a wider range of customers, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the quality and performance of our goods with greater financial flexibility. We want to make sure you are among the first people to know about this opportunity since you are a dependable partner."

The Approach

The official release from Regal Automobiles highlights the company's commitment to increasing the size of its customer base and lowering the cost of its automobiles for a wider variety of buyers. This move is seen as a calculated reaction to the economic difficulties that have reduced the country's prospective automobile customers' purchasing power.

Specifics of Pricing

The Prince Pearl, which currently retails for Rs. 1,850,000, may now be purchased with a 12-month payment plan at the same price under the new installment plan. In a similar vein, the K01 model, which is worth Rs. 2,070,000, has a 12-month payment plan where buyers pay the same amount in twelve equal monthly installments. The company's messaging emphasizes that it is a dependable partner and aims to make sure that buyers are among the first to seize this opportunity.


Regal Automobiles' creative pricing strategy may work as a catalyst for the market's revival as Pakistan's automobile sector adjusts to the changing environment, providing a glimmer of optimism for both makers and customers.

Arifa Hussain