'Scandinavian Living Room' Feel in the Volvo EM90 Interior
  Nov 08, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

'Scandinavian Living Room' Feel in the Volvo EM90 Interior

Volvo has launched a captivating marketing campaign for the EM90, the all-electric minivan. Volvo gives us a preview of the inside as the formal reveal draws near, characterizing it as a "Scandinavian living room" on wheels.

Magnificent Size and Original Style

The EM90 measures 2,024 mm in width, 1,859 mm in height, and 5,206 mm in length. Its size not only makes it stand out on the road, but it also makes the cabin incredibly spacious—the largest that Volvo has ever provided. The EM90 is surprisingly larger than the Mercedes EQV.

Potent Electrical Display

The EM90's powerplant, a 272 hp rear electric motor, is located beneath the floor. Given Volvo's reputation for dependability and performance, a four-wheel-drive version is expected in the future. The EM90 adds distinctive design elements, such as the recognizable "Thor hammer" LED headlights and an illuminated insignia, while still using the same SEA platform as the Zeekr 009.

Battery Selections for Outstanding Range

Potential EM90 buyers have a choice between a 140 kWh battery pack, which expands the bounds to an amazing 822 km, and a 116 kWh battery pack, which delivers up to 700 km of CLTC range.

Elegant Interior with Customized Areas

Volvo provides a six-seater arrangement inside the EM90, where each passenger has their own personal "zone." Through the armrest, you can easily access customized comfort settings, an attractive touchscreen, and personalized entertainment selections.

Comfort & Lounge Seats in the Second Row

The interior of the EM90 is most notable for its second row. In addition to individual climate control and comfortable amenities like tables and cupholders, passengers are treated to massage chairs. For an even more comfortable ride, the second-row lounge chairs have a zero-gravity option. Sliding rear doors and movable second-row seats that open to the third row make the vehicle more accessible.

Elegant Style and Carefully Considered Details

The whole length of the interior has a panoramic sunroof, which lets in natural light during the day and allows for customized ambient lighting at night. The cabin is made more elegant by the use of materials like backlit wood paneling and an Orrefors crystal in the gear shifter. According to Volvo, upholstery designs are inspired by Scandinavian nature, conjuring images of gorgeous mountain ranges.

Premiere & Exclusive Release

On November 12, Volvo's EM90 is scheduled to make its public debut, initially being offered only in China. On launch day, pre-orders will open; however, the precise delivery schedule has not yet been revealed.

Arifa Hussain