Rimac Nevera Sets Guinness Record in Reverse Driving
  Nov 10, 2023     talha seo  

Rimac Nevera Sets Guinness Record in Reverse Driving

In a groundbreaking achievement, Rimac, the Croatian electric hypercar manufacturer, has once again etched its name in history by establishing a new Guinness World Record for the fastest car in reverse driving. The Rimac Nevera accomplished an incredible speed of 275.75 km/h during the test, surpassing its own record for the fastest production electric car moving forward.


Remarkable Feat in Germany

This record-setting event held on October 7 at a facility in Germany, where representatives from Guinness World Records were present to witness and authenticate this extraordinary accomplishment. The Rimac Nevera showcased its capabilities in a category hardly explored.


Exceeding Previous Records

The newrecord of 275.75 km/h exceeds the prior record set in 2001 by Darren Manning, who piloted a petrol-powered Caterham Fireblade sports car at a speed of 165.08 km/h, marking an astonishing advancement.


Goran Drndak Takes the Wheel

Behind the wheel of the Rimac Nevera during this unconventional test was 22-year-old test driver Goran Drndak. With only one gear for forward motion, the Nevera, renowned for holding the production-car acceleration record of 1.81 seconds for 0-100 km/h, demonstrated its versatility in this unexpected challenge.


Challenges Faced During the Record Attempt

Matija Renic, Chief Program Engineer for the Nevera, provided insights into the development process. Initially considering the idea of the Nevera becoming the world’s fastest car in reverse as somewhat humorous, the team decided to explore it as simulations indicated speeds exceeding 150 mph (241 km/h). Renic explained that aerodynamics, cooling, and stability were not initially designed for high-speed backward travel, turning the attempt into a observation into uncharted territory.


Drndak's Experience Behind the Wheel


Test driver Drndak described the experience as unconventional but not challenging to control. While facing backward and witnessing the scenery rush away, he noted a sensation near to heavy braking as the speed increased.


Rimac's Record-Breaking Year


This achievement adds to Rimac's impressive record-breaking year, where the company established over 20 records. Notably, Rimac outpaced Tesla in August, securing the all-time lap record for electric vehicles at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. The Rimac Nevera's ability to break records in both forward and reverse travel underscores its exceptional performance and engineering skills and experties.


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