Next-Gen Honda Civic Sedan Leaked In Patent Images
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Honda is a famous automobile company and maintains its position in the automobile market by continuous effort. Now Honda is working on the 11th generation Civic range. The photos of this prototype car are leaked on the internet. At the start of this year, the camouflaged photos of Civic type R and next-generation civic Sedan have already appeared o the internet that gave the first glance of 11th generation civic to the audience. The Japanese automaker has also provided information about the debut of the next-generation Honda Civic in 2021.

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The leaked images on the internet are of the next-generation Civic hatchback and Honda Civic Sedan revealed the new design and look. The coupe version is ditched by the Honda according to the information. The patent images of the Civic Sedan and Civic hatchback have appeared on the internet.

According to the pictures following description of the car is revealed.

Exterior look:


The 11th generation Civic Sedan has a longer proportion the same as the hatchback. It has a lower profile with stretched and prominent dimensions. Unnecessary pleats and creases are not present in this car. The boomerang tail at the rear end which is known to be signature style is not present in the new-gen Sedan civic. But traditional rear lamps are present on it. The overall look is more similar to the current generation model but Sedan reminds the audience of the larger accord. 

In September 2015 the 10th generation Honda Civic went into production and after a month it was available in the automobile market for sale. The sale started in North America in October 2015. The product cycle of Honda models is six years which means the 10th generation Civic will be available till 2021 and it is at the end of its production cycle.

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In this article, the 11th generation Civic sedan is discussed. The pictures of this prototype car are revealed or leaked. At the start of this year, the camouflaged images were brought out on the internet. But now the patent images are available to describe the exterior look of it. It contains advanced styling with a bit of traditional look by having the rear lamps in it besides having the boomerang tail as it was the signature design of the Honda car. 10th generation Honda Civic is at the end of its cycle and it will vanish in 2021.

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