Electric Scooter with Instant Battery Swap Presented by ez Bike
  Nov 11, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

Electric Scooter with Instant Battery Swap Presented by ezBike

Along with the release of its newest type of electric scooter, the Electron, ezBike has made a significant contribution to environmentally friendly transportation options in Pakistan by introducing the first battery swap station network. Key people, such as Barrister Zafarullah Khan, ex-MNA Zahra Wadood Fatemi, and Member of the Central Working Committee Amina Sheikh, attended the inaugural ceremony.

Network Extension for Battery Swap Stations

According to ezBike, their network of 40 Battery Swap Stations covers the twin cities, providing riders with a convenient and widely available battery switching service.

How to Use the Service for Battery Swaps

Users merely need to use the ezSwap app to find the closest station in order to utilize this service. Users may swap out their exhausted battery for a fully charged one once they arrive at the station.

The Electron Electric Scooter is revealed

The Electron, an electric scooter from ezBike, is the most recent model in the lineup and costs Rs. 225,000. Utilizing a LiFePo4 battery type, the Electron boasts a 2000-watt motor power and a range of 75 kilometers, with a peak speed of 65 kph.

Characteristics of Electron

The Electron is a feature-rich and effective option in the electric scooter market. It comes with a home charger, a rapid 2-hour charging period, 10-inch tubeless tires, and cutting-edge regenerative anti-lock braking technology.

Arifa Hussain