Masterpiece in official photo release, Geely Zeekr 007
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Masterpiece in official photo release, Geely  Zeekr 007


Geely, a renowned automotive company, has recently revealed the official images of its latest creation, the Zeekr 007 sedan. This unveiling marks the fourth addition to Geely's expanding portfolio, following the success of the 001 SUV, its high-performance counterpart 001 FR, the Zeekr X electric hatchback, and the luxurious 009 electric MPV.


Aesthetics by Design Maestro Stefan Sielaff:

The visual appeal of the Zeekr 007 sedan is truly captivating, and credit goes to Stefan Sielaff, the former chief designer at Bentley and the current head of Geely Group's design division. Stefan brings a wealth of design expertise from his time at Audi, where he crafted iconic models like the A1 and A7, along with a brief stint at Mercedes-Benz.


Innovative Frontal Design:

A standout feature of the Zeekr 007 is its unified light curtain, hailed by Geely as the world's first concealed penetrating front facade. The front fascia seamlessly integrates a luminous strip, daytime running lights, and headlights, creating a visually striking effect as the front transitions to black when the lights are off.


Athletic Silhouette and Intelligent Features:

The profile of the 007 sedan introduces an athletic silhouette, featuring concealed door handles, an elongated rear quarter glass, and the impression of a suspended roof. Noteworthy features are the Smart Driver Assist Interactive Lights on the sides, changing to blue to indicate the direction during parking, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality.


Cutting-Edge Roof Technology:

The roof of the 007 boasts cutting-edge attributes, including the industry's first nano-silvered privacy dome, a rear windshield embedded in dual glass nano-silvered heat insulation film, graduated privacy film providing a translucent view, and outstanding thermal insulation.


Elegance at the Rear:

The Zeekr 007 has a shell-shaped tailgate in the back, which provides more space due to the strategic relocation of the trunk gap. . The tailgate showcases an embossed pattern beneath a slim LED light bar, prominently adorned with Zeekr branding.


Performance and Foundation:

Built upon a PMA2+ (SEA) platform, endorsing 800V architecture and double-wishbone suspension, the Zeekr 007 competes with the Toyota Camry in dimensions, offering an elongated wheelbase for heightened interior spaciousness. While comprehensive technical specifics are pending, expectations are that the sedan will feature a 204 hp electric motor generating 350 Nm torque, achieving 0-100 km/h in a mere 6.5 seconds.


Cutting-Edge Technology:

Outfitted with three LiDARs and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, the Zeekr 007 exemplifies Geely's unwavering commitment to avant-garde technology. The sedan is set to make its premiere at the upcoming Guangzhou Auto Show, marking the initiation of pre-sales for the 007.


For car enthusiasts and those passionate about automotive photography, the Zeekr 007 sedan is not just a vehicle; it's a visual masterpiece, a testament to Geely's commitment to automotive innovation and the luxury car experience.


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