An Electric Toyota Land Cruiser: A Vision
  Nov 13, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

An Electric Toyota Land Cruiser: A Vision

Toyota shocked everyone at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show a few weeks ago by revealing the electric Land Cruiser Se, much like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But not much has been said about this zero-emission SUV since then. To fill in the blanks, this unauthorized drawing offers a hypothetical digital design exercise that imagines the likely future of an LC without a combustion engine.

Realistic Elements and Design Adjustments

The Land Cruiser Se originally included side cameras, as is customary for a concept car, but this drawing shows a switch to conventional mirrors. The Tokyo show car was intended to be more of a production vehicle; therefore, the artist decided to add standard door handles to make it more of that. Further modifications, such as the addition of red reflectors to the rear, are intended to increase the vehicle's plausibility as a prospective Toyota sales model.

The Uncertain Future of the Electric Land Cruiser

Toyota has not stated when an electric Land Cruiser will be released, despite the excitement. Apart from its monocoque construction and seven-passenger cabin, little was revealed about the Se. With a wheelbase of 3050 mm (120 in), the formidable three-row EV design measured an astonishing 5150 mm (202.7 inches) in length, 1990 mm (78.3 in) in width, and 1705 mm (67.1 in) in height.

Dimensional Comparison between the LC300 and LC250

The Land Cruiser Se is longer than the LC300 but has the same width because to its boxy shape. It's interesting to see that the LC300 is noticeably taller despite not being sold by Toyota in the US. Nonetheless, a somewhat scaled-down version of the well-known SUV, the LC250 Land Cruiser (referred to as the Prado in other markets), is available for purchase in the United States.

Distinctive Design and Electric Drivetrain Perspectives

The Land Cruiser Se differs from the conventional fossil fuel-burning SUVs in the range because of its unibody design. Although there aren't many specifics available, Toyota says "high-torque driving performance." "Highly responsive handling and confidence in tackling rough terrain" is hinted at in the press release, implying an all-wheel-drive setup with electric motors up front and in back.

Prospects for Remote Production

Although it seems unlikely that a commercial version will be released anytime soon, it's important to remember that Toyota unveiled the FT-Se. This electric sports vehicle will be on sale no earlier than 2027, at the same Japan Mobility Show. Given this timetable, it's unclear when we'll see an electric Land Cruiser on the road.

Arifa Hussain