Toyota will release its first hybrid electric vehicle
  Nov 15, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

Toyota will release its first hybrid electric vehicle

Toyota is preparing to introduce its first Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) next month, which would be a historic step forward for Pakistan's automotive industry. The long-awaited announcement came after months of conjecture, and during a recent press conference, Ali Jamali, CEO of Indus Motor Company (IMC), provided in-depth details on the company's venture into domestic HEV manufacture.

Investing in Domestic HEV Manufacturing

Speaking to a gathering of media, Ali Jamali, the CEO of IMC, emphasized the importance of Toyota's sizeable $100 million investment in Pakistan's HEV manufacturing.

In addition to lowering import expenses, this investment should result in $37 million in savings every year until 30,000 HEV units are produced. This breakthrough represents a turning point in the history of the country's automotive industry, pointing the way toward a more ecologically friendly and sustainable future.

With a particular focus on tackling climate change issues, this environmentally responsible program smoothly fits with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. A decrease in emissions, the creation of jobs, and increased export potential are all promised by the adoption of HEVs.

Jamali voiced serious concerns on a number of variables that have contributed to the rising cost of automobiles made in the country. The import of used automobiles, high taxes, inflation, and unstable currencies were identified as major factors contributing to this growing problem.

While acknowledging the difficulties the auto sector has in terms of supply and demand—such as short-term plant closures and diminished vendor capacity—Jamali applauded the government's initiatives to advance localization-driven regulations.

In addition, he conveyed his appreciation for the government's assistance in reviving the car sector and advancing the country's economic recovery. The CEO emphasized Indus Motor Company's will to overcome the challenges it faces and lead the automotive sector toward a more hopeful and sustainable future with great emphasis.

The Corolla Cross HEV Is the Main Event

The Corolla Cross HEV, a hybrid crossover with the potential to completely transform Pakistan's car industry, is without a doubt the center of attention in this development. The exceptional fuel efficiency of the Corolla Cross stands out as a compelling selling factor in the face of inflation and economic difficulties, offering buyers an environmentally responsible driving experience.

CBU Corolla Cross:

When the Corolla Cross was first released, it was marketed as a completely built unit (CBU), and it has already generated attention since it is already seen on Pakistani roads. With a 1798cc hybrid engine producing 168 horsepower and 305 Nm of torque at 3600 RPM, the car is a formidable performer. Although the CBU version garnered attention, the much anticipated domestically built version is anticipated to strengthen Toyota's standing in the expanding hybrid automobile industry.

The Toyota Corolla Cross has already drawn notice on Pakistani roads since it was first presented as a Completely Built Unit (CBU). The car has a powerful 1798cc hybrid engine that produces 305 Nm of torque and 168 horsepower at 3600 RPM. Although the CBU version made an impression, the much anticipated domestically produced version is expected to further establish Toyota's position in the growing hybrid car market.

Corolla Cross to Be Revealed Soon

Customers' and car lovers' tangible excitement as the launch date draws near attests to the Corolla Cross Price in Pakistan 2023's potential effect. Its debut in 2023 is a testament to Toyota's strategic vision and dedication to bringing state-of-the-art, ecologically friendly cars to the Pakistani market.

Please share your thoughts in the space provided for comments below on this revolutionary discovery. Hybrid cars will soon be available in Pakistan, which will be a big step forward for Toyota Cars 2024 and the nation's automotive industry.

Arifa Hussain