Huge fines for Overload Vehicles on Highways and Motorways
  Nov 15, 2023     talha seo  

Huge fines for Overload Vehicles on Highways and Motorways

The government, under the leadership of Federal Secretary of Communications Sher Alam Mehsud and Inspector General of National Highways and Motorway Police Sultan Ali Khowaja, has taken decisive steps to enforce strict regulations on axle load control, beginning November 15, 2023.


In a high-level meeting held at the Central Police Office in Islamabad, key officials from the Ministry of Communications, National Highways and Motorway Police, and National Highway Authority came together to discuss the comprehensive implementation of a 100% Axle Load Control Regime (ALCR) on Pakistan's motorways and highways.


The decision to enforce the axle load control regime without any relaxation from November 15, 2023, was emphasized, and achieving full compliance requires collaborative efforts from all stakeholders.


During the meeting, federal and provincial secretaries joined via Zoom to address the severe impact of overloading on National Highways, causing substantial damage and financial losses for the government.


Plans were outlined for unloading excess cargo under the supervision of Motorway Police, with the National Highway Authority committed to constructing warehouses for securing the offloaded goods.The nationwide enforcement of the axle load restriction regime on national roadways would entail imposing huge fines and rigorous legal action on trucks that exceed the prescribed weight.


Inspector General of Motorway Police Sultan Ali Khowaja highlighted the presence of 210 weigh-in stations, including 14 mobile units, spread across the country's motorways and highways. Ensuring 100% compliance will demand additional manpower and logistical support, requiring essential cooperation from the Ministry of Communications.


Federal Secretary Communications Sher Alam Mehsud pledged unwavering support to the National Highways and Motorway Police for the successful implementation of the 100% axle load control regime.He emphasized that no advantages will be offered to goods trucks beginning November 15, 2023, and violators would face harsh legal action and large fines. Transporters and drivers were asked to carefully comply to the axle load limit.


Enforcement Policies and Safe Highway Regulations


The government's move to strictly enforce the axle load control regime stems from the recognition of the severe impact of overloading on the country's National Highways. Overloaded vehicles not only contribute to road degradation but also pose significant safety risks. The decision to implement a 100% Axle Load Control Regime reflects a commitment to enhancing road safety measures and preserving the integrity of the country's highways and motorways.


Traffic Regulations and Highway Penalties


The meeting at the Central Police Office addressed the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to tackle overloading issues. Stringent traffic regulations, particularly regarding axle load control, will be at the forefront of this approach. Vehicles found exceeding the prescribed weight limits will face substantial fines and legal consequences. This step is crucial in maintaining discipline on the highways and ensuring the safety of both drivers and other road users.


Road Safety Measures and Collaboration

To effectively implement the axle load control regime, collaboration between various stakeholders is imperative. The Ministry of Communications, National Highways and Motorway Police, and National Highway Authority must work together seamlessly to ensure the success of this initiative. This collaborative effort includes the construction of warehouses for the secure unloading of excess cargo and the deployment of additional manpower and logistical support at weigh-in stations.


A Safer and Well-Regulated Road Network


The decision to enforce strict regulations on overweight vehicles on highways and motorways signifies a crucial step toward a safer and well-regulated road network in Pakistan. With the commitment of key government officials and the collaborative efforts of relevant authorities, the 100% Axle Load Control Regime aims to curb overloading, preserve road infrastructure, and enhance overall road safety. As these measures come into effect, it is essential for transporters and drivers to adhere to the prescribed axle load limits, contributing to a safer and more sustainable transportation system in the country.

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