Kia Enhances Picanto with 2 Exciting Upgrades
  Nov 18, 2023     talha seo  

Kia Enhances Picanto with 2 Exciting Upgrades


In the midst of a slowdown in auto sales, local auto assemblers are making efforts to attract potential buyers through various discounts, rebates, and added features. Lucky Motor Company (LMC) stands out in this trend, bringing two new features to the Kia Picanto, a move aimed at enhancing its appeal to customers.


As per updates on Kia Pakistan's social media, the Picanto Automatic variant now comes equipped with a 9-inch MP5 touch-screen and a rear-view camera. What's noteworthy is that despite these enhancements, the price of the vehicle remains unchanged, making it available for PKR 38.5 lac (ex-factory).


In addition to these upgrades, the company is offering an instant cashback of Rs. 50,000 for customers booking a new Picanto AT. It's important to mention that this offer doesn't specify the Picanto MT variant, which is priced at PKR 33.5 lac (ex-factory).


The Picanto, a globally retired 2nd generation model in Pakistan, holds the distinction of being the most economical in Kia's local lineup. However, it faces challenges in making a significant sales impact, especially when compared to its competitor, the Suzuki Cultus (Celerio). Despite the comparable Cultus variant now being notably pricier than the Picanto, the small KIA hatchback struggles to gain traction in the market.


The effectiveness of the latest offer in boosting sales for the aging Picanto in Pakistan remains uncertain, and only time will reveal the outcome.


Key Kia Picanto Upgrades: A Closer Look


9’’ MP5 Touch-Screen: The Picanto Automatic variant now features an impressive 9-inch MP5 touch-screen, providing an enhanced and modern interface for drivers and passengers alike.


Rear-View Camera: A new addition to the Picanto's features is a rear-view camera, adding an extra layer of convenience and safety for drivers when maneuvering the vehicle.


Unchanged Price: Despite these notable upgrades, the Kia Picanto's price remains consistent at PKR 38.5 lac (ex-factory), ensuring that customers get added features without a bump in cost.


Instant Cashback Offer: Customers opting for the new Picanto AT can enjoy an instant cashback of Rs. 50,000, providing a tangible financial benefit for those considering this variant.


Market Dynamics and Competition


The Picanto, despite its global retirement as a 2nd generation model, faces stiff competition in the Pakistani market, especially from the Suzuki Cultus (Celerio). While the Cultus variant is now priced higher than the Picanto, Kia's hatchback struggles to make a significant mark in terms of sales.


The introduction of these new features and the cashback offer indicates Kia's commitment to improving the Picanto's competitiveness in the market. Whether these enhancements will be sufficient to sway customers in the face of its rival remains to be seen.


 The Future of Kia Picanto in Pakistan


As Kia Pakistan introduces these upgrades and incentives for the Picanto, it raises questions about the vehicle's future in the local market. Will these improvements be enough to reinvigorate interest in the Picanto, or will further innovations be needed to secure its place against strong competitors? The automotive landscape in Pakistan continues to evolve, and Kia's strategic moves with the Picanto will undoubtedly play a role in shaping its journey ahead.







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