Punjab Police's Crackdown on Underage Driving: 19,000 Fines Issued in a Week
  Nov 20, 2023     talha seo  

 Punjab Police's Crackdown on Underage Driving: 19,000 Fines Issued in a Week


In response to a tragic car incident claiming multiple lives in an upscale locality in Lahore, authorities in Punjab are intensifying their efforts to address the pressing issue of underage drivers. The Punjab police spokesperson recently released data on the ongoing crackdown, revealing that over the past week, more than 19,000 underage drivers were fined across the province.


This year alone has seen a staggering 81,000 fines issued to underage drivers, with over 2,100 cases formally registered against them. In addition to the fines, authorities have impounded 3,500 vehicles at various police stations in the province. The Inspector General (IG) Punjab has issued a stern warning to parents, urging them not to allow individuals under the age of 18 to operate vehicles.


To bolster these measures, Regional Police Officers (RPOs), District Police Officers (DPOs), and officers from the District Traffic Police have been instructed to enhance their efforts in cracking down on underage driving. This directive follows a mandate from the Lahore High Court (LHC) ordering the arrest of individuals found driving without a valid license.


During the hearing of a case involving an underage driver responsible for the tragic death of six family members, the LHC emphasized the necessity for indiscriminate action. The court stated that driving without a license is equivalent to providing someone with a potentially lethal weapon, underscoring the gravity of the matter.


Traffic Violations and Underage Driving

The recent surge in fines and penalties for underage driving in Punjab comes in the wake of a disturbing increase in road incidents involving young, unlicensed drivers. The tragic car incident in Lahore served as a catalyst for the authorities to take decisive action in ensuring road safety.


The Safe Driving Campaign initiated by Punjab Police aims to curb the alarming trend of underage individuals behind the wheel. The campaign underscores the importance of responsible driving behavior, especially among the youth who may not fully grasp the potential risks associated with operating a vehicle without proper licensing.


Crucial Role of Punjab Police in Road Safety


Punjab Police's proactive approach in enforcing fines and penalties for traffic violations, particularly underage driving, is pivotal for ensuring road safety. The impounding of vehicles serves as a tangible deterrent, emphasizing the severity of the offense and the need for compliance with traffic regulations.


The stern warning from the Inspector General to parents is a crucial aspect of the campaign, emphasizing the shared responsibility in preventing underage driving. Parents play a vital role in educating and monitoring their children's activities, including ensuring they adhere to legal age requirements for operating vehicles.


Lahore High Court's Directive

The Lahore High Court's directive to arrest individuals found driving without a valid license underscores the legal imperative of ensuring that every driver on the road is qualified and competent. This directive aligns with the court's commitment to promoting road safety and preventing tragedies resulting from irresponsible driving practices.



As Punjab Police continues its crackdown on underage driving and traffic violations, it sends a strong message about the importance of adhering to road safety regulations. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement, the judiciary, and public awareness campaigns are essential components in creating a safer road environment for all. The ongoing initiative is not just about imposing fines; it's a concerted effort to protect lives and instill a culture of responsible driving among the youth.

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