Court Directs Strict Enforcement Against customized Plates on Vehicles
  Nov 21, 2023     talha seo  

Court Directs Strict Enforcement Against customized Plates on Vehicles

In a significant development, the Peshawar High Court (PHC) has issued a directive to the provincial government, mandating robust actions against vehicles displaying unauthorized references on their number plates. Justice Ishtiaq Ibrahim, presiding over the case, explicitly instructed the government to prohibit private vehicles from featuring number plates indicating the owner's profession or community affiliation.


This directive arose during a hearing related to a drug smuggling case, where the accused utilized a Toyota Hilux Vigo double-cabin with a number plate inscribed as 'Member Peshawar High Court Bar Council.' Rejecting the bail application of the suspect, Sikander Azam, Justice Ishtiaq Ibrahim emphasized the severity of the offense. Azam had attempted to smuggle drugs while falsely posing as a member of the provincial bar council.


The high court expressed its dissatisfaction with such incidents, shedding light on the misuse of fake number plates, particularly those displaying unauthorized affiliations with government departments. Such deceptive practices enable criminals to evade authorities during routine inspections, posing a threat to law and order.


Recognizing the potential harm to the reputation of government departments, the court stressed the urgent need for action against this illicit practice. Consequently, authorities are now authorized to take legal measures against individuals using personalized number plates, irrespective of their association with the mentioned departments.


The PHC has explicitly mandated the immediate removal of all unauthorized number plates from vehicles. The additional registrar of the court has been tasked with distributing copies of this order to key officials, including the Chief Secretary, IG Police, DG Excise and Taxation, DG Prosecution, and KP Bar Council Secretary.


This court directive signifies a crucial step in maintaining law and order on the roads by curbing the misuse of custom plates. The emphasis on taking legal action against unauthorized plates aims to deter individuals from engaging in deceptive practices that undermine the integrity of government departments. The court's order serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the law and preventing potential threats to public safety posed by misleading affiliations on vehicle number plates. It marks a proactive approach in safeguarding the credibility of government institutions and ensuring that vehicles on the road adhere to legal standards.

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