Toyota Corolla Altis wins Nürburgring 24H SP3 class
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

Toyota Corolla is a famous car and it proved its worth. It is known as a family car. But the Toyota gazoo racing motorsport Thailand had a thought about the Toyota Corolla Altis that it would make a sports car too. And this thought came out to be true that the Toyota Corolla Altis made out to be a good race car.

As we know about the famous racing cars such as Ferrari 488 GT3, BMW, M4 GT4. These cars perform very well on the race track. To transform a family car into a race car needed some amendments in it. These changes were necessary to bring the Toyota Corolla Altis on the race track. The changes were needed in both exterior and interior. The Interior needs changes to seats, carpet, a navigation system, etc. A new sports car version of race-specific seats and rollover cages inside the car were installed. Further enhancements include chassis, updates in body rigidity, and suspension tuning. The body upgrading consists of lowered ride height and added spoilers. 

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The engine upgrading consists of the M20A-FKS 2.0 L four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine which is only enhanced by adding an air intake exhaust system and ECU. The engine settled under the hood. All this featuring resulted tremendously as TGRMT scored one to two finish in ADAC total 24-hour race in Nürburgring in the super production three categories.

Chan Jian Hong, Grant Supaphongs, and Naoki Kawamura drove the racing car wining Toyota corolla Altis #120 finished the race in 24:05:51.477, it completed 67 laps and got the 60th position out of 90 cars. The other car #119 finishing the race in 2nd place and overall 67th was driven by Suttipong Smittachartch, Nattavude charoensukhawatana, and Manat Kulapalanont. they cross the finished line at 24:10:51.742. which took 65 laps.

The Japanese automakers did an effort last year to change its image. They ambitiously made drastic changes in image and consumer perception. In doing so a new version of each model with upgraded performance was introduced. The 12th generation model of the Toyota corolla has an enhanced driving experience which any other corolla model does not have this capability and excellence. It is the first attempt in Toyota corolla history and was not done before.

Now corolla has again built its high market value and once again known as the most reliable one. The Nürburgring 24hour SP3 class titled under its belt known for performance and to purpose family car.



This article is discussed about the Toyota corolla which was known as the best family car now going to be famous as a racing car too. Some amendments in interior and engine upgrading made this car extraordinary. Many famous car racers took a drive of this newly prepared racing car and it came out as a brilliant performer on the race track. Toyota corolla once again made its worth in the automobile market.

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