Teaser of Special Edition KIA Sportage in Pakistan
  Nov 24, 2023     AASMA MAJiD  

Teaser of Special Edition KIA Sportage in Pakistan

Kia Motors Pakistan has recently sparked curiosity among its followers with a mysterious social media teaser, hinting at an exciting upcoming reveal. The intriguing post encourages followers to think about what makes them "roar," suggesting that a special announcement is on the horizon. The accompanying black and white artwork, featuring a tiger on a beach, adds to the suspense, teasing, "A special roar for the special 'You' Coming Soon."


The Mystery

Captivated by the teaser, we delved into the details to uncover the nature of Kia's impending revelation. Initial inquiries provided limited information, but a more thorough investigation revealed a notable connection, especially in the colors showcased in the teaser.

Connecting the Dots with Kia Sportage

Reliable sources indicate that the teaser is linked to the Kia Sportage, a flagship product in the local market. Reflecting on a previous update, Kia introduced a special black edition Sportage in May 2023, featuring enhancements like 19-inch black alloy rims, a glossy black front grille, Side sill molding in black, beltline molding in dark satin finish, glossy black skid plate, and premium black leather seating.


 White for the Black Edition

The latest information from our sources suggests that Kia plans to introduce a white color variant KIA Sportage for the special black edition. You read it right: a white color choice for a black edition. While this might seem unconventional, the black edition includes features like a black grille, alloys, and skid plates, and white is a highly preferred color for cars in Pakistan. Kia's decision to introduce a white variant for this special edition aligns with the popular preferences of Pakistani car buyers.


Awaiting Official Confirmation

It's crucial to note that these details are based on insider information, and an official confirmation from the company is still pending. We are staying vigilant and will promptly update you as soon as Kia Motors Pakistan officially announces the nature of their latest offering.

Kia Sportage: A Flagship Favorite

The Sportage holds a special place in the hearts of Pakistani car enthusiasts, and any updates or special editions generate significant interest. Kia's decision to add a white color variant to the existing black edition adds a delightful twist, catering to diverse consumer preferences in the Pakistani market.



Kia Motors Pakistan has artfully teased its followers with a captivating glimpse into the upcoming special edition of the Sportage. The strategic use of social media, coupled with intriguing visuals and a touch of mystery, has successfully created a buzz in the automotive community. As we await the official unveiling, Kia fans can look forward to a special roar that promises a one-of-a-kind driving experience.