The Honda City 7th Generation is now 4 years old
  Nov 25, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

The Honda City 7th Generation is now 4 years old

Officially, the 7th generation Honda City car, which debuted globally on November 25, 2019, in Thailand, is already 4 years old. In certain markets, the B-segment offering has already begun to undergo an overhaul.

On November 24, 2020, a year after its launch, the City hatchback was unveiled with the e:HEV hybrid sedan variant, which was first offered in the Thai market. Presently, the seventh-generation City is offered in many important global markets in both sedan and hatchback configurations.

It should be noted that in certain areas, the first two generations—which were manufactured as hatchbacks in the 1980s and early 1990s—are referred to as the "5th generation." In any case, the fifth year of manufacturing for the current generation of vehicles is set to begin.

One of the first markets to receive a Honda City model from the latest generation was Pakistan. About eight months earlier, in April 1996, the City SX8 (Hyper-16), which was introduced in Pakistan in January 1997, made its debut. The 4th generation City (iDSI) was then unveiled in Pakistan in August 2003, just nine months after making its global premiere at the Bangkok International Motor Show in November 2002. Just four months after its September 2008 unveiling in Thailand, the Fifth Generation City (iVTEC) was introduced here in January 2009.

However, after that, Honda continued to sell the fifth-generation model for a considerable amount of time—more than 12 years, to be exact—despite the fact that the sixth generation had already been superseded elsewhere in 2014, with the Suzuki Liana already out of the race and the City having no rivalry in the market.

Being the least equipped automobile available in Pakistan, the fifth-generation City was used as a template for memes. Airbags, temperature control, a sunroof, multifunction steering, traction/stability control, reversing assistance, and even bonnet/trunk insulation were absent from even the most expensive Aspire model. In comparable markets, these features were standard on Honda City models.

After much criticism, the Honda Atlas ultimately replaced the fifth-generation City in July 2021. However, Pakistan received the sixth-generation City instead of the most recent seventh-generation model, adding it to the growing list of models that have been retired worldwide. Nearly two years after the 7th generation Honda City car was globally unveiled in Thailand, the 6th generation Honda City made its "debut" in our market. April 2014 saw the release of the sixth-generation City in international markets. It had a cosmetic update in 2017, and in November 2019, the seventh-generation model took its place. Pakistan officially adopted the sixth-generation city after 7.3 years, and more significantly, 1.8 years after the current 7th-generation model replaced it.

Currently, Honda is facing difficulties in marketing its cars in Pakistan. With just 2,239 city and civic units sold in the first four months of the current fiscal year, the firm has seen a dismal 85% YoY fall in sales. Theoretically, this indicates that just 1,120 City apartments have been sold in FY23/24, or an average of only 279 units per month, which is completely unfeasible.

The 7th generation Honda City's comfort, fuel efficiency, and stylish appearance have made it a huge hit. In the areas where it is available, sales of the naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and hybrid powertrain options it provides are excellent and are helping Honda a lot. However, it's unlikely that we would receive the 7th generation model anytime soon, given Honda Atlas' preference for the 6th generation City for Pakistan, as well as their current track record and poor sales success in our market. Time will tell how long we have to wait for this Honda City. However, based on the appearance, once it's finished, the rest of the globe could be able to welcome the 7th-generation City.


Arifa Hussain