Yadea T5 Electric Bike in Pakistan with Lahore Showroom Opening
  Nov 25, 2023     AASMA MAJiD  

Yadea T5 Electric Bike in Pakistan with Lahore Showroom Opening

In a groundbreaking development for Pakistan's Electric vehicle (EV) market, renowned Chinese e-bike manufacturer Yadea is set to open its first showroom in Lahore. This venture, in collaboration with Road Prince, signifies Yadea's entry into the Pakistani market, showcasing their commitment to providing eco-friendly and sustainable transportation options.


The opening ceremony of the showroom, located in Johar Town Lahore, was held day before yesterday, marking a significant milestone for Yadea's presence in Pakistan. This move follows the official partnership announcement with Road Prince, aimed at manufacturing and marketing electric scooters within the country. As part of this collaboration, Yadea e-bike plans to establish a network of 3S dealerships across Pakistan, ensuring comprehensive support for their electric bikes. Notably, all Yadea electric bikes sold through this partnership will come with an extensive 24-month warranty.


While details about specific Yadea models and their prices for the Pakistani market are currently unavailable. The surge in car, bike, and fuel prices in Pakistan has created a favorable environment for electric two-wheelers, leading to a notable increase in the introduction of e-bikes in the local market.


Earlier this year, Metro Electric Bikes launched one of Yadea's electric scooters, the E8S Pro, priced at Rs. 360,000. This electric scooter offers a maximum speed of 65-70 km/h and a range of up to 125 km on a single charge.


Yadea has officially opened its first showroom in Lahore, unveiling its T5 model. This marks the debut of Yadea e-bikes in Pakistan, with plans to introduce six more models in the coming months. All Yadea variants will be backed by a comprehensive 18-month warranty.


The Lahore showroom is a part of Yadea's larger strategy for Pakistan, hinting at the possibility of additional showrooms in other cities in the near future.


While specific pricing details for Yadea e-bike in Pakistan are yet to be revealed, it is expected that this information will be available in the coming days. Notably, the Yadea T5 model boasts an impressive 105 km range on a single charge, making it a notable contender in the growing market of electric scooters.


Yadea T5 features:

Speed up to 50 km/h

105 km range on a single charge

Requires only 2.5 units for charging

Cutting-edge TTFAR technology

Zero maintenance

Energy recovery system (Up to 5% regeneration)

Power monitoring instruments

Brake: Front Disc and rear drum

72V26Ah Graphene battery

18 months warranty


Yadea T5 Price

Priced at Rs. 245,000, the Yadea electric scooter is a pioneer in Pakistan's electric vehicle landscape, embodying the nation's journey towards embracing cleaner and greener transportation alternatives. Yadea's entry into the Pakistani market signifies a significant stride towards sustainable urban transportation, contributing to global efforts to combat environmental challenges.


With its advanced technology, impressive range, and affordability, the Yadea electric scooter is set to revolutionize the landscape, paving the way for a sustainable and electric future in Pakistan.