SSGC says CNG stations in Sindh will be closed throughout the winter
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

CNG stands for compressed natural gas. It is widely used in Pakistan. As most of the peoples are dependent on it for traveling mainly to public transport. And our country is facing a shortage of gas for many past years. But we could not overcome this issue yet.

In Pakistan, winter brings a huge shortage of Gas. Which is compensated by the government in many ways. Now the Sindh government has decided to close the CNG stations in Sindh throughout the winter season. This decision has made by the Sindh government only.

According to the SSGC, the official plan is made to shut down all CNG stations. This is going to be done from 15th October 2020. The reopening of these CNG stations is also announced which is after four months that means from 15th February all CNG stations will get open. It is the most expected date but this also depends upon the availability of gas in Pakistan. In northern areas, gas is much needed than in other areas of Pakistan. So, it is better to save it rather than depriving it. There is another aspect made by SSGC that only those will be allowed to sell CNG which are running on LNG.

It is saying by SSGC that due to the 150-200 mmcfd gas shortage, we have to make tough decisions and to plan for the coming winter. This planning includes the sale of LNG and shutting down all CNG stations. The shortage of gas for industries is also hinted. So it should be kept in mind as well.

CNG stations in Sindh province are already facing two days shit down per week. This is being observed from 27th September 2020. SSGC announced that the duration of CNG closure will be up to 48 hours in the whole province. 

As we all know that 70% of the total gas of Pakistan comes from the Sindh area and has the biggest share in gas production will face an acute gas shortage. All the CNG stations of Sindh will dependent on imported LNG. According to the media survey or information, approximately 108 out of 700 pumps have been shifted to LNG.

Singh being the remarkable share-holder in the total gas production in Pakistan has the right to use it as well. Some station owners believe that Sindh has failed to fight for its rights in Pakistan. In produces 3.8 bcf gas which is almost 70% but only 1bcf gas which is about 30% comes in Sindh and Baluchistan share to use. It is going to be the longest period of a cutoff of CNG in Sindh. CNG is mostly used in the passenger car, vehicles, public transport, and commercial vehicles in Pakistan. That’s why the complete closing of CNG will badly impact the daily life of common people.


In this article, the biggest issue of the shortage of gas in Pakistan is discussed. And to compensate this problem Sindh government has decided to shut down the CNG stations for about four months. As Sindh provides 70% of the gas to this country it is unfair that the people of Sindh cannot use it. But if we think about the whole country this seems a practical decision. All CNG pumps are asked to use the LNG the imported gas.

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