United US-150: A Massive Rs. 60,000 Price Increase
  Nov 28, 2023     Arifa Hussain  

United US-150: A Massive Rs. 60,000 Price Increase

Unexpectedly, United Auto Industries has increased the cost of its US-150 motorcycle. According to the announcement, the price has increased significantly by Rs. 60,000, from Rs. 270,000 to Rs. 330,000. The fact that this unanticipated escalation concerns a United bike makes it very interesting. Bike manufacturers, notably United, appear to have chosen a different course in spite of a steady dollar exchange rate versus the Pakistan rupee and customer expectations of a price decrease.

A firm dealer has ascribed this price hike, which takes effect on November 5, 2023, to the bike being imported. This justification, nevertheless, is insufficient because the typical consumer finds it difficult to afford these outrageous rates. Interestingly, none of these companies—Honda, Yamaha, or United—has revealed the specific causes of these ongoing price increases. The rupee has performed well versus the US dollar in recent months, but the pricing's persistent rising trend is still puzzling.

United States-150: An Overview

The US-150, dubbed the most economical 150-cc motorbike, was unveiled by United Autos in June 2023 at a major car show in Lahore. The US-150 attracted attention when it was displayed among other motorbikes and electric scooters because of its attractive appearance, impressive features, and affordable price.

Design and Origin

The successful Honda CB150F served as an inspiration for the US-150, which borrows stylistic elements, dimensions, and construction from its sibling. Despite coming from China, the bike is more reasonably priced and yet embodies the qualities of the well-known type.

Features and Specifications

The US-150's single-cylinder 150-cc OHV engine provides riders looking for dependable transportation with a performance level that is sufficient. Its 5-speed transmission and simple carburetor setup provide all the necessary components for a comfortable ride.

Apart from its useful qualities, the US-150 also has contemporary elements that contribute to its appeal. An overall pleasurable riding experience is enhanced by the sporty appearance, striking alloy wheels, disc brake system for effective braking, and self-starter ease.

The industry is waiting for official announcements from United Auto Industries and other major participants, providing light on the reasons behind these surprise rises, while customers deal with the shock of the price surge. Up until then, purchasers and motorcycle aficionados can only conjecture about what the price dynamics of Pakistan's motorbike industry may look like in the future.

On the other hand, as more businesses introduce their two-wheelers, the market for electric vehicles (EVs) in Pakistan is expanding. Yadea, a Chinese e-bike maker, established its first store in Lahore only last week.

The T5 model, the company's first electric scooter, was also introduced to the local market. The e-bike has a 105KM range on a single charge and is priced at Rs. 245,000.

The firm claims that in the near future, it would release more e-bikes and open additional shops in Pakistan.

Arifa Hussain