Pak Suzuki's Exclusive 'Islamic Finance Offer
  Nov 28, 2023     AASMA MAJiD  

Pak Suzuki's Exclusive 'Islamic Finance Offer

The journey of the Pakistan auto industry has been a rollercoaster, navigating economic challenges, fluctuating sales, production cuts, and inventory struggles. In response to these tough conditions, car makers have been unveiling a series of enticing offers to attract customers back to their dealerships.


In the latest move, Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has introduced an 'Islamic Finance Offer' across its entire range of models, aiming to make car ownership more accessible and affordable.

The Islamic Finance Offer

To enhance the affordability of Suzuki vehicles, PSMC has collaborated with Meezan Bank to present an exclusive Islamic financing offer. This initiative allows customers to save up to Rs. 650,000, making it an appealing opportunity for those considering the purchase of Suzuki vehicles.

Partnering with Meezan Bank, a leading Islamic bank in Pakistan, aligns with the principles of Shariah-compliant financing. This collaboration provides a viable alternative for customers seeking financial solutions in line with Islamic principles.

Complimentary 1-Year Maintenance

As part of the package, Suzuki is sweetening the deal by including a complimentary 1-year maintenance package. This not only reduces the initial cost of ownership but also adds value to the overall proposition for customers. The offer extends beyond just savings, providing an attractive and comprehensive package for potential car buyers.

Limited-Time Opportunity

It's crucial to note that the Islamic Finance Offer is a limited-time opportunity. Customers are urged to seize this chance to not only enjoy substantial savings but also to hit the road in style with a brand-new Suzuki vehicle. The limited duration adds a sense of urgency, encouraging prospective buyers to make their move before the offer expires.

Terms & Conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions is vital when considering such offers. The Islamic Finance Offer from Pak Suzuki comes with clear conditions, including:

Limited-time offer

Rentals based on ex-factory prices, 30% security deposit, 5 years tenure (Swift @40% SD and 3 years tenure), and fixed monthly rentals

Estimated saving amounts are subject to change

Availability of selected model/variant is subject to stock

By providing transparent terms and conditions, Pak Suzuki ensures that customers have a clear understanding of the offer's parameters, fostering trust and confidence in the deal.

Opportunity for Savings

Pak Suzuki's 'Islamic Finance Offer' is not just about savings; it's about providing customers with a comprehensive and appealing package. The collaboration with Meezan Bank aligns with the principles of Islamic finance, offering a unique solution for those seeking Shariah-compliant financial options. With a limited-time window, customers are encouraged to act fast, unlock substantial savings, and hit the road in a new Suzuki, making a statement of style and financial prudence.