Best selling car in japan-Q3 2020
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JMD stands for the Japanese domestic market. This term is used on cars that are built-in the Japanese domestic market and intended to be sold there too. JMD cars are very popular in the automobile market and known for their best cars. Many buyers and consumers consider it as a prime choice.

JADA which is an abbreviation of japan automobile dealers association, says that new vehicle registration in japan during the first nine months of this year contracted by 18.1% to 3400266 vehicles which include commercial cars, Kei cars, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and buses. This figure is less than the sales in 2019 in the same period. The difference is about 750000. The reason behind this is the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This lockdown caused the production to almost stopped at the start of this year.

In all these circumstances Toyota remained the best-selling car brand in Japan. The second place is got by Suzuki and the third is followed by Honda. If we make a table of these automobile brands, the list appears as follows:

Brand                                    Q1-Q3 sales 2020                   Q1-Q3 sales 2019                            %change

Toyota                                   1057708                                      1215999                                         -13.0

Suzuki                                    468689                                         599871                                           -21.9

Daihatsu                                428802                                         521510                                           -17.8

Nissan                                    356960                                         467263                                           -23.6

Mazda                                    137327                                        163070                                            -15.8

Subaru                                   77485                                           107615                                            -28.0

Mitsubishi                            54021                                            87585                                              -38.3

Isuzu                                      52103                                            67779                                              -23.1

Hino                                       45939                                           56475                                               -18.7

In Japan, 6 out of the 10 best selling cars were Toyota in the category of passenger cars. The 4th gen car Yaris hatchback became on the top of the list of best-selling cars in Japan due to its awesome features. The chart showed that the Yaris hatchback is leading the chart with 79,400 units which are followed by the new Raize crossover with 61,035 units. The corolla came at third in place with 55,854 units sold. Honda and Nissan remained as rest of the four contenders in the top 10 list. And were two each for Honda and Nissan. Honda's Fit and Fareed got 4th and 7th place respectively. Note and Serena of Nissan secure the 9th and 10th position in the list.

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The list is as follows:

Brand                             model                     Q2-Q32020               Q2-Q3 2019                            %Change

Toyota                         Yaris/Vitz                  79,400                      43,712                                     81.6

Toyota                         Raise                          61,035                      _                                               new

Toyota                         Corolla                       55,854                     48,572                                     15.0

Honda                         Fit                               50,521                      43,287                                     16.7

Toyota                        Alphard                      44,311                      33,489                                    32.3

Toyota                       Rumi                            34,276                       49,206                                  -30.3

Honda                        Freed                           32,393                       43,468                                  -25.5

Toyota                       Harrier                         31,533                       19,353                                   62.9

Nissan                       Note                             31,085                        59,474                                 -47.7

Nissan                      Serena                          30,137                       45,928                                  -34.5

It is for the first time that Toyota has decided to use the Yaris nameplate and it is for the Japanese domestic market. It dropped out the Vitz nameplate which was very popular and considered successful. The success was since the car made its first debut in the late 90s. however, now sales of Vitz got plunged at the 9th position. This place in the list is in terms of sales and the list was made before the launch of the latest generation model. 


In this article, the sales of units of different models are discussed. From the list, it is clear that Toyota made its position on the top of the list. It means people are more attracted to this brand as Toyota provid3s reliable cars. Sale of all brands become low this year due to the lockdown.

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