Toyota Yaris Price Increased 40 Thousand On All Variants!!!
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

Toyota Yaris was launched in Pakistan in 2020. Indus motors increased the price of Toyota Yaris by one lac and twenty thousand after one month of launch. This was because of money devaluation in Pakistan. The sudden increase in dollar price impact on the price of vehicles. At the start of this year dollar rates were 167 rupees for one dollar. Now the rates are less than the previous ones. Current rates are 163 rupees for one dollar. The logical act was to decrease the price of vehicles. Instead, Indus motors increased the price of Toyota Yaris again. This time the hike is of forty thousand. Yet it is not on the terms of dollar rates.

It is very common in Pakistan that all automobile companies such as Toyota, Suzuki, and Honda increase the rates of all their variants and newly launched models, whenever they want. There is no check on these acts in Pakistan. Suddenly hiking the rates without going through proper channel or sequence and nobody asks.

Similarly, the Toyota Yaris price increased by 40 to 60 thousand on all variants. However, the production and sales of the Toyota Yaris in Pakistan is very low. The present stock of Toyota Yaris in Pakistan which is not sold yet can get 10 to 15 thousand extra profit on sale due to an increase in price. But in the future, the sale will get low because of instability in the price range. This act of fluctuation in rates can not get the trust of consumers. And the customers will not go for this vehicle or automobile brand. This is due to an increase in the price and not only one time but twice a year. Investors are also disappointed.

On the other hand increase in the rates of Toyota badly affected the automobile market. It increases the pressure on the market and cast a negative impact. An increase in price not only affects the builder, showroom, and customer but the whole vehicle market. This is because in the coming days there are chances that the market will run slow. As we know the owner on the Toyota Yaris is very low, the company delayed the bookings of this vehicle. And if you are an investor and want to invest in this company you will have to pay 30-40 percent own ration at the time of delivery. And dealers are also giving a tough time. As production and sales of Toyota Yaris are low, there are chances of an increase in their own in the coming days.

According to the survey of MyWheels.pk, there are 90% negative comments on an increase in the price of Toyota. Dealers and builders are on the top of the list who are not happy with high rates. 3% of the people did not respond to this act. 5% of people said that it is not the first time that automobile makers hiked the rates without any solid reason. 2% of the people are Toyota lovers and they showed commitment to this brand. It was mentioned by that they are going to but Toyota whether they increase the price or not. Surely they are fans of Toyota but most of the people first consider the economical values.

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