Is FAW V2’s Time Over???
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

Al-Haj FAW recently introduced a 1.3L hatchback in Pakistan. It is introduced as a CBU import back in September 2015. Later in august 2017, the local assembled V2 unit started to roll off the assembly lines. About two years ago, the V2 hatchback was doing well according to the performance but now it has not been able to do well. Although it is an affordable and value for money automobile.

Nowadays most people are obsessed with brand names and the resale value of any product. So it is hard for a new company to establish its presence in this automobile market. It is an assumption that is based on the last two decades of experience and observation. FAW V2 has a Chinese origin and it was much better than all other Chinese origin cars previously. But it seems that this car lost its charm and counting its time in the automobile market.

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Some factors are hindering the success of FAW V2 in the market:

Let’s see from the beginning:

In September 2015, FAW V2 was introduced in Pakistan. At that time the price was PKR 10.49 lacs. If we talk about its specifications, the 1.3L engine was equipped in this hatchback. If we compare it with the old MK-II Suzuki Cultus 1.0L this hatchback price tag was very catchy. The Suzuki Cultus was in its 15th year in our market with a price tag of 10.64 lacs when FAW V2 was introduced. Although Suzuki Cultus lacked in having power steering, safety equipment and based on 20 years old technology. 

The wagon-R was introduced the year before 2015 and was an advanced technology car. It contained a VXL version with 4 power windows and other stuff. Airbags were not present. It was struggling to make sales against a price tag of PKR 11.19 lacs. The swift when introduced was supposed to be the competitor of FAW V2. There was much similarity in both these cars in terms of 1.3L hatchback and was priced at 13.8 lacs back then. Despite being a better car it missed out on safety equipment and airbags. Considering these comparisons, FAW V2 was not only the cheapest car in the market but it was more equipped than all of the others. Despite this fact it did not grab the success as it was supposed to do so.

Exterior and interior look:

Chinese automakers hired world-famous designers to pen down their vehicles and create an extraordinary design. When V2 was being manufactured or designed, the Chinese had just stopped copying the international designs and started to hire designers to design their new models. So the look of FAW V2 was not that appealing and it missed a unified design language. The material used for this car was of good quality but the interior and exterior design was a disappointment.


1.3L hatchback does not sell well in our market. Due to the tax structure as well as higher fuel consumption people are reluctant for hatchbacks. Smaller engines are always a need.

Al-Haj FAW announced the arrival of 1.2L V2 but it did not arrive. Similarly, an automatic transmission was supposed to arrive but it was disappointed too and never came.

By 2009, the car was spotted testing on Chinese soil in both sedan & hatchback forms, with sedan designated as V2, while the hatchback called as V1. However later FAW decided to altogether ditch the V2 sedan and renamed the V1 hatchback as V2. In 2010, FAW released its first official pictures of the V2 hatchback. The car made its debut at the 2010 Chengdu Auto Show and was officially launched soon after.

The company did introduce some improvements. The wind noise issue was reported. Although the company offered free installation of rubber insulations. In 2018 darker interior was introduced because the earlier light grey color was prone to get dirty. These improv4ements were done on customers' feedbacks.

Best Value Money Hatchback In Pakistan:

Despite all the factors regarding the engine, exterior, and interiors FAW V2 remains the best value for money hatchback in Pakistan. Currently, the car is priced at PKR 16.09 lac and it is still cheaper than Alto VXL and Wagon R, Cultus, and swift.

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In this article, we discussed the lack of FAW V2 that are needed to be addressed to survive in the market. These include fuel-efficient options and other amendments. It has been six years since that car has existed and local assembling versions are present for the last three years. V2 needs a thorough overhaul to keep it alive in the market.

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