Why Left-Hand And Right-Hand Drive Cars???
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

Automobiles are a basic necessity in today’s life. It performs as a basic need in our life for transportation function all around the world for daily purpose as well as commercial needs. There are two sides of the road where you suppose to drive either on the right side or left side depending upon the country or region you live in.

It is like a mystery that most people wonder about the placement of their car's steering wheel. It is according to estimate that more than 75% of the world drives LHD (left-hand drive) while the rest drives RHD (right-hand drive) cars.

let’s talk about the left-hand drive and right-hand drive. Basically, a right-hand drive vehicle drives on the left side of the road or you can say left-hand traffic. For more convenience, the right-hand drive is that car drives on the left. On contrary to this left-hand-drive vehicle drives on the right side of the road or simply you can say that car drives on right.

As it is known that more than 70% of the world drives LHD, the question arises, why the rest of the countries practice RHD. So the answer to this question is these countries are former or current British colonies. In old days, during English feudalism were was in the norm the existence of knights and sword fighters. At that time period, the right-handed swordsmen would prefer to keep to the left side of the road. It was because of a reason such as to avoid bumping into another’s scabbard. Also to easily use their hand to wield their sword to an upcoming opponent. 

In the 18th century, during the French revolution, it was Napoleon who started LHD (left-hand driving) and enforced it. This happened after he conquered European countries which includes Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and many others. But British colonies refused to do so and they continued RHD as it was part of their tradition and they could not let it go so easily. And the British enforced this rule in all its colonies. This act was not only to keep the tradition alive but also to oppose the Napoleon's rule. That is why most of the colonies of the British still do RHD until today.

On the other hand, the united states wanted to escape its British roots and started to LHD. But here is an interesting fact about the Philippines, when it was under America's rule there was a left-hand driving rule. After being a part of Japan’s colony it changed from LHD to right-hand driving in 1945. But in 2015 it went back to left-hand drive again and cars were officially started to drive on the right side of the road. This leads the Philippines to become a manufacturing hub and able to produce cars for domestic range and for export purposes.

In Pakistan, the right-hand drive is present. This restricts a wider variety of cars to be introduced as most of the countries have the left-hand drive. And big automakers companies do not see this viable to produce extra RHD cars to get exported to Pakistan.

It is a fact that RHD markets were once under British rule but there are many other countries that were not under the rule of the British but still drive on the left side of the road which means they have RHD cars.

As we know RHD is less in number than LHD but most of the countries are switching to the RHD. Perhaps it is a British influence.


In this article, the discussion about RHD and LHD is done. The majority of countries have LHD. Few are RHD. Some are switching toward the RHD. These types of driving sides also influence automobile manufacturing and trade. LHD enhances trade because it is more common.

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