How to buy used car in Pakistan
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

How to buy a used car in Pakistan

Finding a good used car is not easy at all. You may face many challenges, because not everyone can afford a new car, so that’s why most of the people prefer to buy a used car, many inexperience buyers who don’t have knowledge about cars get manipulated by sellers, so it is very important to have knowledge about the certain car which you are willing to buy. The step listed in this guide will ensure that you get value to spend on your purchase.

Step 1: Decide your budget

The first step is to decide your budget and model, you can research it online there are many online platforms such as mywheels.pk  OLX and many other platforms. This makes the process easy. Just enter the model number, price range, and then shortlist cars and then compare their prices and find out their pros and cons as well. Some major factors to consider are reliability, fuel consumption, resale value, and maintenance.

Step 2: Research the right price

Once you have selected the car, now it’s time to find the right price, for that the online platform would be the best option, simply search the model you selected and then compare the prices of all available ads.

Step 3: Inspect the Car

You have finally found your desire car now the first thing you need to do is check the body of the car then check the engine of the car, make sure you check the car in the daytime, and ensure that the car has no major accidents. Check the paint of the car is original or not, if your model is more than  10 years old then there are some possibilities of touchups, so check the car completely if the car is fully repainted or accident don’t buy it.

Step 4: Check the documents

The next step is ensuring the originality of both number plates, check the chassis number and engine number punched on the car. Call the CPLC to make sure that the car was not stolen, check the copy of national identification and the original invoice of the manufacturer, inquire about the tax dues and excise clearance.

Step 5 payment and transfer

Finally, you check each and everything now you are ready to buy, in this step you need to be very careful don’t pay in cash, pay by getting a pay order of the owner's name. Transfer the vehicle under your name as soon as possible. Because it is illegal to drive without transformation.




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