Kia GT1 Electric Car to Take Stinger's Place
  Feb 10, 2024     Arifa Hussain  

Kia GT1 Electric Car to Take Stinger's Place

Kia is working on a new electric car called the GT1 to replace the ICE-powered Stinger, produced from 2017 to 2023.

Following the E-GMP (used for the KIA EV6, EV9, Hyundai IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6, and Genesis GV60), the GT1 will be Kia's first electric vehicle to be outfitted with the next-generation EV-only platform (known as "eM"). It will make its debut in the Genesis GV90 in 2025.

Information claims that the GT1 will also have the biggest battery the South Korean carmaker has ever employed, weighing 113.2 kWh (as opposed to the EV9's 99.8 kWh battery pack). It is anticipated that the GT1 can go up to 800 kilometers on a single full charge. According to the European World Standard Automotive Test Method (WLTP), the Mercedes-Benz EQS (107.8kWh) can run up to 750 kilometers with its biggest battery.

With a maximum output of 450 kW (612 hp), the Kia GT1 will outperform the EV6 GT (whose total output is 430 kW) owing to a combination of a 200 kW front and a 250 kW rear motor. The AWD model adds a second 160 kW motor up front to achieve 320 kW or 435 horsepower, while the entry-level edition has a single 160 kW (218 hp) electric motor in the back.

Though the exact appearance of the Kia GT1 is still unknown, the people at NYMammoth have created a fictitious depiction of the expected electric vehicle. The car will probably be on sale in 2026 and be manufactured at Kia's Hwaseong Plant. It is anticipated that production will begin in 2025.

Arifa Hussain