The 2nd Generation Honda N-One Launched in Japan
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

The new 2nd generation Honda N One Kei has been officially launched in japan, although it is similar to the old one but the new N one has a better safety and equipment than the old one.  This car available in 4 variant original, premium, premium tourer and RS. 




If we see the front there is a model’s trademark blacked out panel that goes around the circular headlights, if we talked about the head light it is fully changed with the previous model the New N one has a goal round positioning lights that double as turn signals, the bumper intake of this car is broader than the old ones, the rare bumper of this car is black that carries the reflector’s, as for the revised lighting unit the car now full led taillights with a slim red outline.

The 2020 N One like its old model it comes with a choice of front wheel and all-wheel drive for safety reason, because in japan there are some places where snow happened. This is the first time a six speed manual is also available in sporty RS trim level, Before the N one was the available only with the CVT automatic.





The inside of the second generation N one  completely redesign it has the floating head dashboard and climate control panel, digital display, the air vent of this car is different from each other the round shape is for drivers  and rectangular for the passengers , the other new features include bucket front seats and there are 3 usb  parts for the front passenger alone, for safety reason the Honda N one has auto high beam and reverse pedal misapplication control it also has an emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, lane keeping assist , lane centering assist and traffic sign recognition, the one more interesting feature is the car has  a rare seat reminder that detects the rare passengers and alerts the driver in case they forget. The interior is freshened with a new look that’s sees and electric brake replace the previous foot operated brake.







If we talked about the engine the Honda N one has S07A 658 cc three cylinder available in two variant naturally aspired and turbo version . The turbo charged unit in the premium tourer and RS produce 63hp and 104 Nm.



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