2021 Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini!!!
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

The Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini is here: a one-of-a-kind motorbike that praises the innovation and style of the two Italian automotive icons.



To make this eye-getting motorbike, the dynamic structure of the Ducati Diavel 1260 S has been melded with the striking design of the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37. This implies the bicycle upgrades its capacity, execution, and obvious thunder with a progression of super sports vehicle enlivened highlights, as new lightweight fashioned wheel edges and carbon fiber air admissions, radiator, silencer and tank covers, and front and back curved guards.



The bike’s attire is likewise a mix of Lamborghini and Ducati style that displays the super sports vehicle's striking shading difference of Gea Green bodywork and an Electrum Gold casing, under the tail, and wheel edges while keeping up exemplary Ducati red for the brake calipers.

A variety of trendy Lamborghini designs, such as the "Y" specifics on the saddle and the hexagon-shaped exhaust, further improve the appeal of the bike. And to add an extra touch of exclusivity, bodywork is sporting number 63 to commemorate the year Lamborghini was created. This figure multiplied by 10 is the number of 630 models to be released in this limited edition.

Not just an extraordinary riding experience, the Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini is both a distinctive style statement and a real collector's piece.



The Diavel 1260 Lamborghini is powered by a very special 1,262cc version of the Testa stretta Ducati 90-degree V-twin featuring a peculiar DVT (aka Desmo Variable Timing) to produce a solid 162 hp at 9,500 rpm and a generous 95-pound peak torque at 7,500 rpm in this recent Euro 5 homologated execution.

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