Prices increase on certain variant of Pak Suzuki!!!!
  Aug 29, 2023     talha seo  

The company increased the price of Cultus VXL and VXL AGS variants. The cultus VXL price was 19 lac 

before, but after increasing the prices, it goes to 19.7 lacs, and the price of VXL AGS was 20.3 lacs, and now it is  21.3 lacs.

The company also increase the price of swift DLX automatic. Before the car price was 21.75 lacs and now it is 22.1 lacs.





Old price

New price



 Cultus VXL


 19.0 lacs


 19.7 lacs




 Cultus VXL AGS


 20.3 lacs


 21.3 lacs


 1.0 lacs


Swift DLX automatic


 21.75 lacs


 22.1  lacs



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